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Regular Hours
Monday - Thursday 10 - 8
Friday 10 - 7
Saturday 10 - 5
Sunday 12 - 4

Spring Hours
Monday - Thursday 10 - 9
Friday 10 - 8
Saturday 10 - 6
Sunday 12 - 6


Tanning: 5 different levels of Ultra Sun tanning beds (17 total beds!)

Premium Class: 20-minute low pressure bed.

Super Class: 12-minute medium pressure bed that tans you in a shorter amount of time, much like our premium class, but faster! We have two styles of this bed: lay down and a stand-up Powertower.

Ultra Class: 15-minute medium pressure bed with facial lamps. These beds are a good mixture of UVB and the UVA “bronzing” rays.

Ultra Plus: 15-minute medium pressure bed that is similar to the ultra class, but has additional features including shoulder tanners and aromatherapy.

Golden Class: 15-minute high pressure bed with facial lamps. This bed contains the least amount of UVB rays, thus gives you the most beautiful golden tan.

Customized Airbrush Tanning: 2-5 shades darker in 20 minutes with no UV exposure!

A certified technician will customize your tan by spraying on a FDA approved solution. DHA is the main ingredient in the solution. It reacts with your skin cells and amino acids to produce a very natural looking golden color.

Hydration Station: Accelerate your tan…rejuvenate your skin!

Every Hydration Station experience includes a specific blend of topical liquid vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, aloe vera, and other skin nourishing ingredients. Oxygen Science Concentrates are specifically formulated for tanners and dramatically improve your skin texture and tonality. Dense steam. Radiant heat. Color spectrum lights. Vibratory massage. Cool facial air. All of this as you pamper yourself and energize your senses in a blissful spa.

UV Teeth Whitening: 3 shades whiter in your first session! No appointment needed!

· The Light-Activated Teeth Whitening Kit You've Been Waiting For!

· Tan White™ is the most practical and effective "Whiten While You Tan™" kit available.

· Contains 16% H2O2 gel which is the strongest in the industry (up to 300% stronger than some competitors).

· Comes packaged in a stylish carry case with a mirror included for ease of use.

· Whitens your teeth 4-8 shades guaranteed!

· Takes 1 minute to apply – use while you tan

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Eclipse Tanning Salon
1728 Fordham Blvd
Rams Plaza Suite 105 A
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
PHONE: 919.968.3377
FAX: 919.933.1371



Eclipse Tanning Salon
1728 Fordham Blvd Rams Plaza Suite 105 A Chapel Hill, NC 27514
phone: 919.968.3377 fax: 919.933.1371

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